Models & Sizes

15" Twenty Custom Hats

20" 2002 Novo China

18" Alpha Medium Swiss Crash

16" Signature Dark Energy Mk1 Crash

17" Signature Dark Energy Mk1 Crash

18" Signature Dark Energy Mk1 Crash

19" Signature Dark Energy Mk1 Crash

Crash Selection may vary upon gig.

22" Signature Dark Energy Mk1 Ride

20" 602 Flat Ride

22" Traditional Swiss

The Drums

(Pearl Reference Pure)

Drum Dimensions

14" X 5" Virgil Donati Signature Snare

(4 Ply Birch / 4 Ply Maple Construction)

10" X 8" Rack Tom

12" X 8" Rack Tom

14" X 14" Floor Tom

16" X 16" Floor Tom

22" X 16" Bass Drum

Drum Finish (Red Metallic)

Sticks & Brushes

Vito's Stick Selection

American Classic 5B Wood Tip
American SD1 General Wood Tip

Signature Series Harvey Mason

Jazz Brush & Rute


"Evans Drumheads are the most consistent and tone filled drumheads I have ever used."
Vito is currently using the Evans Level 360 Drumheads
10" G1 Coated Batter / G1 Clear
12" G1 Coated Batter / G1 Clear
14" G2 Coated Batter / G1 Clear
16" G2 Coated Batter / G1 Clear
22" G2 Coated (Small insert pillow)
22" INKED by Evans Reso Side Head
14" G1 Coated Snare Batter
14" 300 Snare Side

The Dishes (Cymbals)

Paiste Cymbals reflects the current state of music. The Music I play is incredibly diverse and changes constantly. Most of today’s music borrows freely from historical periods and is being enriched by ethnic and traditional genres...Playing Paiste Dishes no longer handcuffs my ability to hear exactly what I want to hear ...they voice beautifully!


Demon Chain Drive P-3002C DBL Pedal

H-2000 Hihat Stand

S-1030 Snare Stand

BC-100S Flat Base Cymbal Stands

D-1000 Throne Base (Roc N' Soc Top)

Vito's Set up ...

       Vito's has spent many years fine tuning. Always reaching for the highest plateau selecting only the Instruments that are going respond in every musical situation, voicing exactly what Vito's ears want to hear with every stick, brush and mallet stroke.